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Thomas's complaint gets metal sheets covering the drain fixed, averts mishaps

Resolved on Jul 21, 2017

The metal sheets that cover a drain on the underpass from Hebbal towards Gutahalli had come apart and needed welding. IChangeMyCity user Thomas who voiced his concern in a complaint on the portal got BBMP to resolve the issue. Thanks to his effort, potential mishaps have been averted. View complaint


Swetha's complaint gets Yelahanka Jakkur Main Road asphalted

Resolved on Jul 13, 2017

Swetha had highlighted the innumerous potholes that riddled Yelahanka Jakkur Main Road. In a complaint on IChangeMyCity, she urged BBMP to fix the road at the earliest. BBMP took note of her complaint and ensured that the road is asphalted. An elated Swetha posts picture of the newly asphalted stretch and marks the complaint as resolved. View complaint


Biplab Chatterjee's complaint gets roads in Ayappa Nagar asphalted

Resolved on Jul 17, 2017

ICMyC user Biplab Chatterjee had posted a complaint highlighting the need to asphalt the Ayyappa Nagar roads in Peenya. Motorists suffered while travelling on this stretch and even garbage was dumped everywhere, he had written. The complaint was taken up by the BBMP and now the road is repaired. An elated Biplab has marked the issue as resolved. View complaint


Muralidharan's complaint replaces faulty transformer and regularises power supply

Resolved on Jul 12, 2017

Frequent power cuts troubled residents of Pai Layout in Mahadevpura and Muralidharan highlighted the same in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his effort, BESCOM replaced the faulty Transformer Centre and power cuts are no more an issue. View complaint


Apinto@acemicromatic.com's complaint gets uneven Jakkur Main Road repaired

Resolved on Jul 11, 2017

ICMyC user A Pinto in a complaint said that certain part of Jakkur Main Road was dug up for some work but later not repaired properly. The road is not leveled, and motorists struggle to commute on this stretch. If the situation continues, people will develop back pain, he added. Pinto’s complaint was taken up by the BBMP and the road is leveled. Pinto appreciates the agencies for promptly addressing the issue and providing an excellent road. View complaint


Pradeep NV's complaint regularises garbage collection in Annapoorneshwari Nagar

Resolved on Jul 10, 2017

Pradeep NV had posted a complaint on irregular garbage collection in Annapoorneshwari Nagar on IChangeMyCity. The complaint was forwarded to the BBMP and Pradeep says that the collection has resumed. He marks the complaint as resolved with a plea to BBMP to continue the process regularly. View complaint


Raghu's complaint gets pothole-riddled stretch repaired

Resolved on Jul 09, 2017

ICMyC user Raghu had requested BBMP to fix the pothole-riddled Doddakamanahalli -Begur Koppa Link Road, in a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to his effort, the road has been asphalted. An elated Raghu marks the complaint as resolved. View complaint


Gangappa's complaint gets neglected road in BTM 2nd Stage repaired

Resolved on Jul 07, 2017

A road in BTM Layout, 2nd Stage was dug up to lay drainage pipes but not asphalted thereafter. Gangappa brought the issue to the notice of civic authorities by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. BWSSB took up the issue and promptly got the road repaired, giving a relief to the residents. View complaint


Santosh Shetty's complaint clears debris dumped on MG Road

Resolved on Jul 06, 2017

Mud and other debris was dumped on MG Road obstructing smooth traffic flow. ICMyC user Santosh Shetty clicked a picture and posted a complaint on IChangeMyCity. The debris was cleared by BBMP within 72 hours. Santosh Shetty feels that the prompt resolution is “awesome” and marks the complaint as resolved. View complaint


Sushma Prathap's complaint gets blocked stormwater drain near Manyata Tech Park cleared

Resolved on Jul 03, 2017

The drain near service road opposite Manyata Tech Park was blocked, leading to waterlogging. ICMyC user Sushma Prathap wrote that motorists are changing lanes to avoid splashing the water. This has led to traffic congestion. Pedestrians are forced to wade through the dirty water, she added. Sushma’s complaint was forwarded to BBMP by Team ICMyC. BBMP officials ensured that the drain is cleared. An elated Sushma marks the complaint as resolved. View complaint


Vishnu's complaint gets road in Basavanagudi repaired

Resolved on Jul 02, 2017

ICMyC user Vishnu highlighted the need to maintain National High School Road in Basavanagudi. The road is not in a good condition and parking is a major issue, he added. Vishnu’s complaint was taken up by the BBMP. An elated Vishnu marks the complaint as resolved and writes he is “happy” with the prompt action. View complaint


Jeevan Perakam's complaint gets pothole-riddled road in Bapujinagar asphalted

Resolved on Jul 01, 2017

The road in front of Gali Anjaneya Temple, Bapujinagar was riddled with potholes. Smooth flow of traffic was obstructed and the devotees visiting the temple had a difficult time commuting on the stretch. Jeevan Perakam brought the issue to BBMP’s notice by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. The road has now received a fresh coat of asphalt. View complaint


Amith's complaint gets garbage collection regularised in Koramangala

Resolved on Jun 30, 2017

Garbage collection was irregular at 16th C Main 4th Block Koramangala. ICMyC user Amith highlighted the difficulties faced by the residents, who most of the time stored garbage in their houses. Amith said that residents will be forced to dispose garbage on the road. Thanks to his complaint, BBMP has warned the contractor and ensured that garbage collection takes place regularly. View complaint


Sowjanya's complaint gets pothole fixed in RT Nagar

Resolved on Jun 29, 2017

A huge pothole in front of Shriram Whitehouse Apartment in RT Nagar was obstructing smooth flow of traffic. Sowjanya decided to bring the issue to the notice of the authorities’ concerned by posting a complaint on IChangeMyCity. Thanks to her effort, the pothole has been fixed. View complaint


Joydev Kalita's effort solves traffic congestion issue near KR Puram market

Resolved on Jun 28, 2017

Joydev Kalita had posted a complaint on severe traffic congestion on road near KR Puram Market opposite Ganesha temple. Buses waiting for passengers were blocking the road and were the main reason for congestion. Joydev’s complaint was forwarded to BTP and the issue is resolved with the bus stop being shifted. View complaint